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Divine Decan Tarot


(placed on underside of box flap)

the Divine Decan Tarot combines popular imagery with keywords and detailed astrological associations offering a versatile tool for both divination and learning.

the Divine Decan Tarot Method

then provides a unique approach to

Expand (Jupiter) and Blend (Temperance)

your tarostrology practice!

Details and product info:

78 fully illustrated tarot cards (standard size 2.75in x 4.75in / 70mm x 120mm)

1 blank card
5 companion cards
featuring decan overview, instructional prompts, custom tarot tableau layouts with Divine Decan Tarot Method study spreads
premium embossed linen, 320gsm, black core card stock
custom designed, premium tuck box
Printed in the USA

Use your Divine Decan Tarot deck to follow along with Marlene Theresa's Decan Walk 2023 on YouTube! HERE


Inspiration for this deck came from a desire to grow my own
intuition and understanding of tarot by joining familiar
images with their commonly applied astrological and
planetary counterparts. By adding in the decans,
we now have a new way to identify the energy
that each card brings to a reading and/or shares
with surrounding cards.
• • •
the Divine Decan Tarot is aptly named because of the
homage paid to the decans used in astrology.
In short, a decan is the subdivision of a zodiacal sign
into a period of 10 degrees or approximately 10 days.
Each zodiac sign contains 3 decans.
The decan in which a planet falls can provide additional
information into the characteristics it exhibits.
Applying this decan system to the tarot, more specifically
the minor arcana and the court cards, makes for an endlessly
interesting crossover study.
Please use this deck as you would any other with the added
benefit of it being a keyword/study deck.

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