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Original Tarot BINGO™ game


Tarot BINGO™ is the BINGO
we know and love with a Tarot twist!

Never played BINGO before?

That's OK, instructions are included :)

Don't know how to read Tarot cards?

No worries, it's not required to play!

Game details and product info::
12 boards made of thick, premium card stock (8.5in x 5.5in / 216mm x 140mm)
1 (78) card tarot deck w/ little white booklet (4in x 2.25in / 102mm x 57mm)
1 game host caller board to keep track of called cards
300 clear purple game chips (approx)
Multiple 2-sided pattern boards inspire more challenging variations than the standard "line of 5" BINGO.
Many of us keep our Tarot decks in cute bags and Tarot BINGO™ is no different.
Carry everything together for on-the-go play inside the handy drawstring pouch!
• • •
Developed around the year 1450, the original purpose of Tarot cards (first known as 'trionfi' and later as 'tarocchi') was to play games.
It wasn't until the late 18th century that the trend toward divination via tarot card reading and cartomancy began.
In modern US BINGO, usually played with several people, numbered balls are selected at random and called out to players who then cover the numbers on their individual cards.
The first to cover the given arrangement of numbers wins their claim to BINGO!
• • •
Tarot BINGO™ is the unique blend of two revered past times as well as a fun new way to interact with our cards.
Using the standard Pamela Colman Smith Tarot images created in 1909 (instead of numbered balls),
the goal when creating this original version of Tarot BINGO™ was to add the element of "play" back into the Tarot.
• • •
Tarot BINGO™ is thoughtfully developed with all levels of tarot experience in mind.
Each game includes creative play along with learning ideas and prompts.
Tarot BINGO™ ...all deck, no balls!
Contains small parts - choking hazard

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Images used: 78 drawings by Pamela Colman Smith c.1909
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